It’s never too late to change your life around, to have a good idea and run with it, to have a dream and turn it into reality.
— Tony Christiansen, World's Fastest Amputee

Tony was inspired by the story of fellow Kiwi Burt Munro which was captured in the movie The World's Fastest Indian. After watching it multiple times on the plane as he travel around the world for speaking engagements, he set out to become "The World's Fastest Amputee". The goal was to join the 200 MPH Club on the famed Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, USA. 

In August 2008, Tony attempted this feat in his C/Altered drag racer which he converted into a salt flats racer. The car had to be modified from what was originally designed to race on a quarter-mile drag strip. 

Tony achieved a top speed of 189 mph in a test run. His recorded speed in an official run was 182 mph (293 kph). His drag racer was ultimately too light and was lifting at the front at high speed in Bonneville's extreme conditions. In other words, his car started to fly at 182 mph. 

The standing ovation you received says it all. Your story of courage and overcoming what would destroy most people was truly inspirational.
— Greg Walker, Downtown Auckland Rotary Club

He is building a new and heavier car to attempt 221 mph (356 kph). This would break the class' current world record of 219 mph.

Tony's efforts in Bonneville was filmed by TVNZ for a documentary programme which captured the emotional highs and lows of his amazing Speedweek venture.